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Meet the Team

Dawn Song Children’s Centre Team Members are:

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Liliana, Kirsten, Coral, Jo

Kirsten – Diploma of Children’s Services (Early Childhood Education and Care)

Hi, my name in Kirsten Alford and I was born and raised in Bellingen. I grew up in a large family of 6 children, being one of the eldest. Since a young age I can remember always wanting to work with children and I feel that growing up with a large family started my love and passion to one day work in childcare.
I started working at Dawn Song at the start of 2009 and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. I feel very lucky to be able to watch your children become confident, independent individuals as they play and grow each day. Since work at Dawn Song I have had the opportunity to study and gain my Diploma in Child Studies.
I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a nurturing and positive Centre and have had the privilege of working with a great team who are supportive and share the same passion and love of the job that I do.
I enjoy meeting new families and being able to build relationships and create a loving environment for your child. Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you

Coral – Diploma of Children’s Services (Early Childhood Education and Care)

I was born in the picturesque Bellinger Valley, where I spent my early childhood making mud pies with my sister, brewing perfume from flowers, dancing to my Mum’s Middle Eastern music, helping Dad milk the cow and dreaming about the day I would own a horse. I also attended Dawn Song Children’s Centre.
I then went on to complete my Primary Education at Chrysalis Steiner School and High School Education at Bishop Druitt College and CHEC Senior College.
From a young age I have been interested in caring for children so I decided to study my Certificate III and then Diploma of Early Childhood Education at North Coast Institute of TAFE. During my studies I realised how wonderful, fulfilling and challenging working in early childhood is and I knew my interest was growing into my life’s purpose.
While I was completing my studies I began to work at Bellingen Pre School and then I was fortunate to be offered a position at Dawn Song Children’s Centre.
I feel blessed to be able to work at Dawn Song, a Centre that provides children with a large outdoor space to play in, natural resources, a relaxed and caring home like environment and Educators who share similar philosophies to my own on early childhood education.
I am passionate about working with children in the stages of early childhood. I believe that it is in these years children are learning vital skills and lessons about life, which will influence the way they then approach their learning and view of the world. My goal is to send children who are happy, social, capable, confident and aware of their rights, into the community.

Liliana – Administrative Officer

My name is Liliana and my role at Dawn Song is administration and financial management.
My field of studies has been in Accounting and Financial Services, however, I spent 12 years working as a Nanny both overseas and in Sydney before having my own children. Working at Dawn Song has given me the opportunity to use my financial skills whilst still being in contact with the energy and positivity of young children.
I have been fortunate to have both my children attend Dawn Song and have enjoyed watching them make new friends and have new experiences. There are times as a working parent when it’s hard to drop your child off to Day Care and wonder what they might be doing or feel sorry for the time you’re missing out with them. I feel like the luckiest Mum in the world because I’m able to take my son to work with me…or is that going to Day Care with my son? Either way, I love working at Dawn Song and feel I have the best of both worlds.

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