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26 July 2017
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Our new Mud Kitchen

International Mud Day was celebrated on June 29 and there was no better way to enjoy the wonderful sensory experience of mud than by getting down and dirty in our new mud kitchen! Mary Rivkin an Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Maryland says the rich and diverse experiences of cooking in a mud kitchen offer a world of sensory and learning experiences for children. 

According to Mary, some of the learning opportunities that mud kitchens provide for children include:

  • Creative expression and invention – mud can become anything!
  • Problem solving opportunities – for example how to make soup thin or thick, how to make mud meatballs stick together.
  • Cooperative play possibilities – let’s cook dinner, let’s make a restaurant, let’s feed the baby – you be the baby!
  • Stress reduction – being outdoors in nature helps children relax.
  • Building stronger immune systems – research indicates that some exposure to dirt helps build resistance to bad bacteria.
  • Growing affection for the stuff on our earth – soil, stones, sand, and growing plants – leading to care and appreciation for our planet.

So whilst our children are busy immersing themselves in the good stuff, Dawn Song would like to thank Dawson Made for creating our wonderful mud kitchen and with it, the endless opportunities to create, build, play and learn.


5 August 2016
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Winter Sunshine

What a fun day playing in the yard, doing some gardening and enjoying the warmth of the winter sun

gardening2  gardening5

gardening4  gardening3


5 August 2016
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Save Our Trees

Here is a young boys reaction to clear felling in our local area, a letter he dictated and wished to send to the tree workers.

Dear Tree Workers,

Please can you stop cutting all the trees down because it’s making me sad and I like the way the trees are beautiful. And we sit up there, birds sing, we have fun ’cause we climb and I’m just sad.

From Archie   (age 5)

5 August 2016
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Bellingen Fire Brigade Visit

We would like to say a big Thank to the Bellingen fire Brigade for visiting Dawn Song and teaching us about fire safety and awareness. The children were given a fire safety talk before being taken on a tour of the fire truck. There were some awestruck faces as the firemen pulled out tools and hoses and showed the children the variety of equipment they kept in their truck for all kinds of emergencies. The biggest thrill by far for the day was a climb into the front seat of the fire truck followed by a squirt of the fire hose. A whole lot of excitement and thanks again Bellingen Fire Brigade!

Fire1   Fire2   fire3 

Fire Truck

Fire Truck by Heath age 5

8 September 2015
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New additions to the family…..

The Children and Team at Dawn Song announce with pleasure the arrival of five new additions to the family, little brothers and sisters to a very delighted and proud big brother – Bluey, the resident blue tongue lizard. First to arrive were Crackers and Pickles, two very excited budgies, thriving and growing bigger everyday thanks to copious amounts of love and attention from all the admiring children. Arriving shortly after were three gorgeous goldfish, Speckles, Goldie and Silver Tail, all relishing in the pristine waters of their new home, basking in the glorious spring sunshine. The Team and Children at Dawn Song would like to thank the Pet Store for all their love and support and ensure the precious creatures are in good hands.





8 September 2015
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Seedling Experiment

The children have been very busy (and patient), carefully planting flower seedings, nurturing them and waiting for them to grow. The little experiment gave the children an inside view into the birthing (sprouting) of seeds and the wonders of mother nature.

plantingseeds flowerseeds

12 December 2014
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Parent Testimonials

This place is fantastic! A magical world of learning and fun mixed with creative play and lots of outdoor activities! My son has loved every minute of it and I am so grateful to the fantastic staff who are so patient, kind and gentle – every child needs to have mentors/teachers like these in their lives.
Thank you Dawn Song!


Dear Dawn Song, we would like to thank you all so much for giving Freya a space to play, explore and be her wild expressive self. It means so much to have known that while we work she is held and happy and nutured. You all do a wonderful job!