Dawn Song Children's Centre


Dawn Song provides an Early Years Program and a Pre School Program based on the Early Years Learning Framework of Belonging, Being and Becoming. We recognise and respect that children need to develop a sense of Belonging to family, place or community, a sense of Being, respecting who children are right here and now and Becoming, aiming to reach their full potential through emotional independence and self help skills.

Children are provided every opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas through creative expression. Our resources are open ended and invite unique expression for each child. All children are given adequate time to create and explore the varied media. Children are given the opportunity to revisit their creations and resources are available to children throughout the day.

Our program is play based where our Educators provide children with opportunities to extend their play. The learning environments are carefully developed to capture children’s interests and engage them in opportunities that develop their enthusiasm in their chosen area. This facilitates children’s development into happy, healthy and confident individuals with independent thought that will be needed for later intellectual learning.

Critical reflections are made daily and the program adjusted to provide increased learning opportunities in response to children’s needs and ideas.

Our wonderful outside play are provides a tool for learning about our world, its wonders and its needs and use nature and seasons as an inspiration for activities both inside and out. The seasons guide our daily rhythms and our daily programming reflects this connection to nature.

Parents are also invited to have input into the program by sharing family events and special occasions as well as favourite activities their children enjoy at home. The staff will also share their life events with the children and this will be reflected in the program. We also use current events within our local community as provocation for discussion and opportunity to encourage children to be connected and contribute to their world.

During our daily routine, a free choice program is used and alternated and supported by routine times and more structured activities to assist the children to feel secure in their surroundings.

Our educators are supported by our Director at all times to provide quality care. Regular staff meetings are held where educators can discuss their programming, to consistently improve the program and develop deeper understanding of the children’s needs in their care.



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